The Staff Wanted Initiative seeks to raise awareness within the UK hospitality industry of the steps needed to combat the exploitation of vulnerable workers, trafficking and forced labour.

The project seeks to improve the recruitment and employment of staff in the UK hospitality industry by working with business partners and other stakeholders to help identify practices that can allow exploitation of workers in the sector, and as a consequence, reputational and legal risk for business, and to advocate for improved practice and risk mitigation.

Phase 1 of the project initially concentrated on London Hotels and the 2012 Olympics.

Phase 2, commencing in 2013, will see the initiative expanded, providing guidelines and tools for the Hotel Industry and associated businesses throughout the UK.

Working with the hospitality industry and other stakeholders

The Staff Wanted Initiative seeks to engage and collaborate at all levels of the hospitality industry, making a robust business case as to why taking steps to combat forced labour and trafficking is essential to managing business risk and reputation as well as protecting human dignity.

This multi-stakeholder engagement includes working with individual hotels and larger chains, trade bodies, recruitment agencies, service agencies, trade unions, The Metropolitan Police, and wider civil society.

The SEE Formula
Scrutinise – Engage – Ensure

The SEE Formula is a set of simple guidelines for addressing the challenges confronting the hospitality sector.

The SEE Formula:

  1. Raises awareness of key issues of worker exploitation within the sector.
  2. Offers a lens to view the activities and pricing structures of those agencies providing labour and other services to the hospitality industry.
  3. Provides simple checks for hotel managers and supervisors to prevent exploitative practices.


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